Living in an “agriturismo” near Otranto: in this blog, I will tell you about my land!

Living in an “agriturismo” near Otranto: in this blog, I will tell you about my land!

First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Claudia and I am lucky to live in a wonderful farmhouse near Otranto, precisely in Carpignano Salentino. Masseria Giamarra is a farmhouse with swimming pool a few kilometers from the wonderful Adriatic sea.

To understand me, you need to know my story. But I will tell you later.

After years of hard work and commitment, I have realized my dream. My family and I have renovated a farmhouse in Salento fully respecting its original materials and nature. It took us six years, but I think it was worth it! Every day we welcome guests from all over the world who often ask me for advice on places to visit, events, local traditions.

For years I have cultivated a passion for hospitality and now that my dream has come true, I have decided to create a blog about the story of Salento.

Having to stay at home, I have had the opportunity to think a lot. I did a 360 degree exam on my life and I wondered why my sisters chose to make a career elsewhere while I stayed here … it’s simple I AM IN LOVE.

My love for this land of infinite beauty, an extraordinary treasure trove that the whole world envies us, rich in traditions, typical local art,craftsmanship and folklore has led  me to create this blog, born to share the territories, the magic and the traditions of Salento – some local friends of mine will help me in this task!

I have chosen to do it right now – during this difficult historical moment for Salento and for everyone in general, tormented by the problems linked to the Covid 19 epidemic – because I am sure that despite the difficulties, this is precisely the best time to gather ideas and to try every way to convey positive content and tell you about the wonders of our territory with all possible means. We must resist, waiting for the situation to return back to normal, waiting to welcome you all and embrace you again!



I live in a farmhouse in Salento near the sea and the air that you breathe in this place is magical and takes you back over the centuries when people lived in contact with nature and gave value to small things. In Salento these aspects are still very much alive and I would like to tell you about them through my narrations.

I have imagined the Blog divided, to start, into five categories where to collect the different contents:

  • In the Masseria
  • Salento on the table
  • Our places
  • Events in Salento
  • Our Proverbs


In “In the Masseria” section I will write about me, about life in a farm and I will keep you updated on events, offers and all the news related to Masseria Giamarra.

In the “Salento on the table” section, as you can easily guess, I will tell you about the culinary traditions of this land. I will talk about poor cuisine, healthy and genuine raw food materials, and I will be glad to share some typical recipes with you. Sometimes I will also try to re-visit them in a more modern key. Housewives, cooks, chefs and anyone who can help us discover our traditions will be the main players of this section.

“Our places” will be the part dedicated to the discovery of local history and culture. Here you will find ideas for traveling throughout the Salento. I will take you around the most beautiful places to visit and I will tell you about our beautiful sea and coast, between sand and rock.

In “Events in Salento” you will find articles regarding the activities that take place in Salento throughout the year. Because Salento is to be lived 365 days a year!

“Our Proverbs” will be dedicated to the dialect proverbs, to their explanation and possible translation into English. In my opinion, the use of dialect should not be missed, being a cultural heritage.

You can come in on this with me!

The blog is also enriched with your ideas and suggestions. If you have special requests or ideas for new articles (Do you want to know the recipe of a typical Salento dish / the history of a specific place in Salento? Do you want to visit a town but you do not know what to do there?) Write me or contact me the way you prefer, even a message in a bottle .. here, we go to the sea from March to October!

I will be happy to embrace your requests and ideas for a new story!